Ultimate Guide: How To Open Registry Editor in Windows 10?

How to Open Registry Editor in Windows 10?

On the usage of Windows 10, it comes with many features and much more beneficiary tools. Moreover, you can change a lot of settings to facilitate yourself with abundant outcomes. Including this, you can change settings of your Microsoft which manages all the settings things which the windows registry. Along with this, whatever parameters you always see on the screen of your windows that is only due to that registry entry. Easily get a way to Open Registry Editor in Windows 10. 

Open Registry Editor in Windows 10

On the whole, an unaware person can not change the registry settings on windows. Definitely, there will be an authorized person who has all the rights to change the registry entries. The person could be only the administrator of the system.


So, there are many types to enter the registry entries in your windows 10. Though, there are multiple ways to open Registry Editor or REGEDIT ii your windows 10.


How to open Registry editor?

Over here, you can get some points to open the registry entry or REGEDIT on windows 10. Although, have the following tips:


  • Firstly, open the registry entry through windows search
  • Along with this, you can do it with creating a desktop shortcut
  • Even though, you can do it using the command prompt or the PowerShell
  • Mainly, using the run prompt
  • Obviously, you can do it by assigning a keyboard shortcut for registry editor.
  1. > With the help of windows search:

This process can help you, in short, to get the registry editor in front of you within a few seconds. Therefore, have patience and go with this procedure to have registry editor open in windows 10.


  • Go to start button on your screen as well.
  • open registry editor
  • Type Registry entry in the search bar then registry editor will open and click to the open button as well to run registry editor.

hkey_current_config registry editor

  • Because the admin has the rights to change the settings and registry entries.


2.> Moreover, make it through creating a shortcut to open Regedit :

Yes, the best factor must be that if you want to save you more time as to open registry editor though make a shortcut and click on it instantly to open it in a while.


  • Just open firstly run prompt.
  • Type over there, type “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools” & click on ok button.
  • open registry through run prompt
  • Find the program named as registry editor on the opened window.
  • Right click on the registry editor and therefore click create a shortcut of the registry editor.
  • create shortcut for registry editor


3.> Using command prompt  to open registry editor:

Run through using the command prompt or PowerShell option:

Go through this option and therefore you can have the immediate response to open registry editor in windows 10.

  • Start from WinX menu, then click on the command prompt admin to open it.
  • Over there, type regedit and then click to the ok button to proceed.
  • Finally, the registry editor will appear in front of you in windows 10.


4.> Run  prompt is also a different way to access registry editor:

Along with this, you could have another method as for opening registry editor in your pc. So, here w go with this helping way to open run prompt and open registry editor.


  • In the beginning, open run prompt as with pressing Window key + R.
  • Over here, type regedit and therefore press enter or click on OK button.
  • Rather than, you may get prompted with the UAC prompt on the screen.
  • Thereafter, choose the required option of YES and eventually, it will open the Registry Editor program.


5.>  Assigning a keyboard shortcut:


Assign a  keyboard shortcut key to open registry editor:

With a shortcut key, everything becomes so simple as to do. Either that is to open something or having a window appear in front of you. As like that, this process can easily make you comfortable to open registry editor with a keyboard shortcut key.


  • Right click on the registry editor option.
  • At that time, you will have a pop-up window and at that time assign any shortcut key to open the registry editor.
  • Press ok to apply changes.
  • As a result, you can have the registry editor opened with this shortcut key.
  • This is your choice to which key you want to prefer to open the registry editor.
  • enable shortcut key for registry editor
  • Ctrl + Alt + E or U, which you want to assign.


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