My Laptop Not Able To Have Sleep Mode When Plugged In

My Laptop Not Able To Have Sleep Mode When Plugged in:

Mostly when we use our laptops people use to give a sleep mode to their laptops if they are working and want some rest.  we want to use it after some time. Though, in that situation, if you are not able to make sleep laptop when you are plugging in. Though, find this fluent solution of this issue as well with these suggested tips. So, be here and get the relevant way to fix the issue of My laptop not able to have sleep mode when plugged in.

My laptop not able to have sleep mode when plugged in

Well, the sleep mode gives you the facility to turn off your laptop’s working system. Means the parts of your laptop will go in the sleep mode. It will be when you are not at all in the region of using your laptop. Basically, in your laptop, the sleep mode is a helping tool which can firstly save your laptop’s battery. Further, for your better concern, the sleep mode is controlled by the display driver in your laptop.


Troubleshooting of fixing the issue if the laptop is not accepting sleep mode when plugged into the supply:


Have the keys to make your laptop with a fix, when you are having trouble to do as sleep mode when plugged in.


There are some specific troubleshooting options for you.  if your laptop is not having a sleep mode when plugged into the power supply.

  • With having some settings in change windows update.

For this, you have to make some changes as going to the windows update settings. Now, how to do this. Surely we will guide you in this matter.

  • First of all, click on the start button and then select control panel from there.
  • After doing this, in the next select the option of small icons.
  • laptop is not accepting sleep mode when plugged into the supply
  • Along with this, in the next step choose the administration tools option. open the services in the window which is showing in front of you.
  • laptop not having sleep mode
  • Do a double click on the windows update and click to the stop button for service from running.
  • window update
  • The popup window of Windows update properties then goes to the general settings. over there Windows update option will appear and in the startup, type choose the manual option. Afterward, click on the ok button to complete the step.
  • windows update with manual
  • Also through Troubleshooting the Power.

In the second step, you can fix the issue if your laptop is not having the sleeping mode. Then go through this troubleshooting process as having the power settings in your laptop.

  • As in the search bar of your Windows 10 type over there troubleshoot in the Cortana search.
  • Then you have to click on the troubleshoot option.
  • Make a scroll down from your mouse and then find the option of power. over there click on that power option.
  • See the option of running the troubleshooter in your Windows 10. Therefore, follow the on-screen directions. response according to the Giving steps to resolve the issue of sleeping mode of your laptop.


  • One more step is by uninstalling and install the Battery driver on your laptop:

You can fix the issue if your laptop if it is not having the sleep mode. So, for this, you have to uninstall the battery driver on your laptop and after this Reinstall this. But how to do this in an easy way? We will definitely tell you about this procedure that how you can fix this issue. Uninstall the battery driver and again Reinstall it in your laptop.


  • First of all, we are advising you to shut down your laptop. thereafter remove the power cord from your laptop.
  • So in the next photo step remove the battery of your laptop if it is not fixed. in such a case if it is fixed then there is no need to remove it.
  • Again attach the power cord of the laptop from the power supply and switch on it.
  • In the next useful step to fix the issue of the laptop is not having a sleep mode. for this reboot your laptop as well.
  • Press Windows key + X to open the device manager.
  • Furthermore, choose the option of batteries and expand it. Give a right click to the Microsoft ACPI-compliant system and uninstall it.
  • Now, shut down your laptop as well.
  • Along with this, in the further step, attach your battery of laptop if you have removed it.
  • Thereupon, plug into the power your laptop.
  • Make your laptop in the reboot process. As well to fix the issue of the laptop is not having sleep mode after update of windows 10 from Window 7.


Restore the Default as for having some changes in the  Power Settings of your laptop:


  • In the beginning, press the windows key and L.
  • Click on the system option and choose the option of power and sleep.
  • Tap on the Additional power settings to give access to the power options in your laptop.
  • Additionally, give a click on Change plan settings in the shown screen.
  • Then, to accomplish the fixing issue with this relevant idea, Click on the restore default settings.


You can make it Disable in the setting of  Fast Startup your laptop:

This step can also help you to resolve the issue of fixing it to the sleep mode on when plugged in. Follow the freaking panacea to fix this time of trouble.


  • Just for this, have the option of power settings as mentioned in the previous step.
  • Thereafter, have a tap on the option of what power button can do.
  • Hence, click on the option of change settings which is showing unavailable on your screen.
  • Just scrolling down and find the shutdown setting and over there and check turn on fast startup option and thereafter finally click on save button to keep the settings in use

Another alternative is to do a Windows 10 repair upgrade:

At last, we are going to introduce another alternative. That is Windows 10 repair upgrade option.  For fixing the issue if your laptop is not accepting the sleep mode when is it is plugged in.

Because true Windows 10 repair upgrade process can fix all the Windows error in your laptop. Definitely, I will provide you the neat and clean laptop. It will Retain all the files and applications. Settings in your laptop through which you will not at all having the issue of losing your data from your laptop as well.


So, when you are going to back up for your data. Then you can have your data at the time which is a good idea to do.


Finally, through all these ways, you can definitely able to fix the issue of the laptop is not having sleep mode instantly. We will provide you the best information about your queries. Obviously, you will have the windows troubleshooting contents promptly.


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