Why to Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Why To upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10

Why to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 : Windows 7 users have a similar scenario to those using Windows 8.1. Furthermore, if you are using Windows 7 then for sure you are eligible to get the free upgrade to Window 10. In addition to this, Most importantly Windows 7 has almost reached t the end of mainstream support.

Why to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10

When is the last date to upgrade windows 7?

For the kind information, it will continue to receive security updates until January of 2020. Although, you can update and enjoy whatever version of OS you are using with. so, you still have some time to be comfortable if that’s what you’re using.  

As the confirmation has come out that Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for Windows 7 as of January 14, 2020. Basically,  which is one year away. Therefore, you have only two ways to get around this date but the thing is they will preferably cost you. One year from today — on January 14, 2020 — Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 will cease.

Users who don’t do this will be out of luck. Moreover, they will have to pay to get the latest and last version of windows. This will be from the specific date as 10 after July 29. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Overall,  even if you run Windows 7 for another year then the last version of windows will be waiting for you.


Reasons to upgrade Windows 7:

Here is thee fixed criteria for getting the total update as to have the windows upgrade. So, on the whole, as to save your Operating system then, watch over the following reasons. If you are still comfortable with your current windows 7 then definitely you must be aware of all these factors to upgrade windows 7.

Security Threat:

Firstly, let’s talk about a Security Threat. This is the main reason as to upgrade timely your window. As if you are using your system with the particular genuinely installed Operating system, then most of your data or important files must be there. After all, you can’t make written files to keep them in your locker or somewhere else.

upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10

Though, it is well and good to keep them on your computer. But the main thing is, hackers may hack your computer if you are not updating your Operating system. Even though, to get secured about all such like issues then keep the windows update option ON.

Consequently, save your data as well with much security that no one can easily retrieve it without your authentication.


Bugs & Issues :

This is the second important part as for why to upgrade windows 7.  Yes, as you know that which operating system you are using for accessing everything and for working purpose should have good stability. Of course, because speed and stability matters to work properly.

Due to this reason, all the bugs and issues are responsible for the better stability of your system. Altogether you can work properly and without any issues.

Update new features:

Receive all the time new- new featured updates as on your operating system. Better efficiency matters of OS. Additionally, these updates and features are the helpers who control known issues of the Operating System. Either you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 or apart from this any type of Operating system it is.

upgrade to windows 10

If you will automatically update and add the recommended new features then definitely it will give your Operating System a long life and better relevant mode to work accurately.

So, if you are using your current or genuine operating system like Windows 7 then confidently, for having all types of benefits just ON your windows update option always. Surely, there will be no issue remark after the time to time upgrade steps.

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