Microsoft Support

microsoft support

Microsoft is used by millions of computer users all over the world. Like any complex computer software, Microsoft problems may require an expert. If you’re having a problem with your Microsoft operating system or applications, we always stand ready to help.

Every so often, Microsoft releases updates to their operating systems and applications. If you don’t have these installed, you may be leaving holes open in your computer’s security or missing out on other benefits. These updates are issued for free from Microsoft, so take advantage of them. We can help with installing these.

Along with updates, one of our Certified technicians can also help you fix problems with:

  • Slow computer
  • “not responding” errors
  • Internet explorer crashes
  • WiFi not working
  • Drivers not loading
  • Registry errors
  • MS Outlook not loading, installing, or responding
  • Skype problems like webcam or microphone not working
  • Windows updates or start-up errors
  • Virus removal or antivirus protection problems
  • Printer errors
  • System restore
  • Support for software like Adobe reader, Adobe flash, Quick-books and many more
  • Microsoft Security Essentials installation error or update error
  • Blue screen errors
  • Slow boot up on start-up

And we can help whether you are using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8, or even Microsoft Surface tablets.

At, our fully trained team of world-class computer technicians can give you quality assistance at a fix rate of $25 — no more, no less, with no upfront fee! From us to wherever you live, we can fix your computer remotely to anywhere in the world. You can Call us, Skype, Facebook or Viber us. Call us today!


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