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Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are some of the common Internet browsers we use. No matter what the type used, we all have two things in common: we love to surf the internet and we hate problems that prevent us from connecting to the internet.

Do you see lots of ads and pop-ups while browsing, like your drivers are not up to date, your computer is infected, or asking you to update Flash player? Maybe you are having problems like Facebook games or email not loading, YouTube videos not playing, or homepages freezing or not changing. If you are seeing these, your browser is already infected or very close to infected.

Maybe you get error messages like “…has stopped working,” “…is not responding,” or the page shuts down. Through time, browsers get filled with junk like third party add-ons, tracking cookies, and even Malware. The risk increases as we visit more websites.

If your browser is making it hard to connect to the things you love, then it’s time to get a tune-up. Our comprehensive tune-up process will keep your browser fast, reliable, and up-to-date. We can also help with connectivity issues and third party utility and software issues.

And we can connect remotely to your computer — even if your browser is not working!

At, our fully trained team of world-class computer technicians will give you quality assistance at a fixed rate of $25 — no more, no less —  and no fee upfront, anywhere you live. You can Call us, Skype, Facebook, or Viber us.

We all do so much online these days; do you really want to go longer without a functioning browser? Call us today!


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