How To Open Task Scheduler On Windows 10 & Fix Error 0x80070057?

Open Task Scheduler on Windows 10 & Fix Error 0x80070057:


Fix error 0x80070057: Actually, before going downward, we want to make you familiar with this matter of task scheduler. What is this and what does it do on your Windows 10. A task scheduler is basically a preferred tool on your windows that helps you to create and also run any task automatically but in the virtual basis. Get ready to Fix error 0x80070057. Mainly, task computer hardware, the in-built utility in Windows ten is employed to schedule tasks to associate degreed it will be useful in triggering varied instances of a task like a practicable file or a script. Though, if you are having an issue with opening task scheduler on your windows 10 and it is showing the error code 0x80070057 on your window, though have this gathered useful information for your benefit. Snatch the accurate way to Open task scheduler on Windows 10 & fix error 0x80070057.


Open task scheduler on Windows 10 & fix error 0x80070057

Why the task scheduler is used in windows & how to Fix error 0x80070057?

Here the answer to this question lies and obviously if it is important though the error is coming and therefore you are not being able to process your further work on your windows 10. The best part of its use is that for which purpose people use this schedule in their Windows 10 or in any other version of Windows.


It works to automate the maintenance of these tasks:


  • For disk defragmentation.
  • Moreover the disk cleanup.
  • Along with this, for updates of your windows.


However, if the Task Scheduler utility is making some differences and although it has been facing bother in beginning and throwing error 0x80070057, then it can be as a result of these following matters:


  1. Corruption within the System Files

  2. Required Task computer hardware Service isn’t operating needlessly to say

  3. Lack of privileges, etc.

  4. Task computer hardware 0x80070057


Altogether this, For the curious minds, over here this error is visible. Yes, but it is beneath the column of Last Run lead to the Task computer hardware Library.


Fix the Error code 0x80070057 for Task Scheduler in your windows 10:


If you observe the causes of this issue, then you’ll notice that the subsequent fixes might encourage be helpful to mend the Task computer hardware error 0x80070057 on Windows 10:



  • Check the Task computer hardware Service standing.
  • Give Administrator level privileges.
  • Run System File Checker.



Check the Task computer hardware Service standing:

Through this procedure, you can have the possibility to check the task scheduler easily.

Task computer hardware Service Windows 10


  • Type, services.msc within the begin search box.
  • Click on Enter button to open the Windows Services Manager in your pc.
  • It will show the task scheduler on the screen.
  • So, double-click thereupon to open its Properties box in the showing window.
  • If its Startup kind is about to Disable, modification it to Automatic. Hence, This Service is needed.
  • Next, navigate on the recovery option as well on your page.


And confirm the configuration within the change posture boxes is given as-


The first failure occurs: Restart the Service of the window.

The second failure comes: Restart the Service and almost you get this failure.

Subsequent failure happens: Restart the Service again.


Afterward, you have to just Click to Apply button as well.  Therefore, so bring up your laptop for the changes to require impact. Check if this has helped build the error get away.


Provide Administrator level privileges in your windows 10:


Now, it can be resolved through providing the admin privileges but for this, you have to Log in with a User Account that has associate degree Administrator level privileges. On the other side, just Open the Task computer hardware. After all this, now Stop the task and so restart it and see. Definitely, you will have the result of this issue as to fix error code 0x80070057 on windows 10.


  • If you are getting successful, therefore we are suggesting you for running the service thereupon with user’s permissions.
  • within the Task computer hardware Properties, switch to go browsing tab.
  • Here, set up a username and keep it totally secret, and thereafter save.
  • Restart the service as well.


Now subsequent time the computer hardware runs, it’ll have the error code 0x80070057 resolved.


Use System File Checker on your windows 10 to fix error code 0x80070057 in your windows 10:


For this, you have to do some following steps as well for facing this issue of error bug 0x80070057 in your windows 10. Just attentively have the province agenda of solution.


  • To make the settings you have to Open prompt as Administrator.
  • It allows to execute the subsequent command to run System File Checker:

Open task scheduler on Windows 10

  • Restart your system when the process of scan is completed.
  • Henceforth, you’ll be able to additionally use our software FixWin to Run. Which is basically the System for File Checker utility with a click in your windows 10.


Eventually, with grabbing all these three ways to fix the error code 0x80070057 and open task scheduler on Windows 10 within a few fragments of time. Consequently, have the better solution of your required issue of this error code 0x80070057 in Windows 10.

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