Unable to contact DHCP server error on windows 10

Fix: Unable to Contact DHCP Server Error on Windows 10

Best Way to Contact DHCP Server Error on Windows 10

You are using the internet and although you are not able to get the proper surfing then there must be a problem of your IP address expiration. If you are making efforts to renew the IP address and getting the message of Unable to contact DHCP server error on windows 10 then over here get the relevant options to overcome the issue. Due to the expired IP address, there will be the possibility to get the interruption in your internet surfing access.



Unable to contact DHCP server error on windows 10


On the whole, there is a need to add in the command prompt the entries of release and renew the IP address. Consequently, have the suitable freaking and splendid steps to get over the issue of unable to contact DHCP server error on windows 10.

  • First is ipconfig/release
  • Second is ipconfig/renew

How to fix unable to contact DHCP server error on windows 10?

Here are some key points which can perform aa best output to help y7ou in the getting contact DHCP server error. Additionally, if you are getting an error then for sure the reason is that NIC cannot be able to make the communication with the DHCP server overall. Therefore, the error is occurring of releasing the new IP address.

On the other hand, here are the better and qualitative outcomes through flawless tips and tricks to get over the error.

  • Get the solution through updating the network drivers.
  • Ultimately, due to the network adaptor troubleshooter tool.
  • Furthermore, through getting a start and restart the DHCP client service on your pc.

Here is the attention required to have the overall conclusion of getting rid off the issue of DHCP server error on windows 10. Get the absolute help with updating network driver on your pc.

  1. Surely update Network Drivers on your pc:

Follow the recommended steps to have the proper error fixing solution.

    • Press Window key + R.
    • Then, press the Enter key.
    • The run command will open.
    • Enter devmgmt.msc.
  • Tap on the Ok button.
  • Eventually, Device manager will be open shortly.
  • Though, click on the network adapter.
  • At that moment, right-click on the Broadcom network adapter and afterward select Update Driver.

Overall, through updating driver, the DHCP server error on windows 10 can be resolved.

Have the quick use of network adaptor  for fixing the issue of Unable to contact DHCP server error on windows 10:

If you are still troubling with the disturbance of DHCP server error and not able to contact it on windows 10 then, you must try this solution. It can be done through having a quick installation of the network adapter on your pc as well. Because, on the whole, the issues and problems which are occurring in the network adapter. Therefore, it helps to resolve them if possible.

Easy way to use and run the network adapter troubleshooter tool:

  • Go to start option on your window.
  • Click over there on the settings option.
  • A pop-up window will appear and then select Update and security.
  • Click on the troubleshoot option.
  • Therefore, select the Network adapter troubleshooter to catch the issue and resolve them immediately.
  • ¬†with this, click on the Run option sand at last Restart your pc and check the issues if they have resolved.

Moreover, getting a start/restart DHCP client service on your pc:

Do it with having the remaining helpful steps to get back to fix the issue of DHCP error. Get through the problem of unable to contact DHCP server error on windows 10 easily within few steps. All this can be done in the settings of service manager.

  • Press Win + R.
  • Enter over there services.msc and then ok.
  • Even though, services manager window will be open shortly.
  • Just give a right click on the DHCP client and select Start and Restart.



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