How to Resolve The Confliction of The Scanner Not Working in Windows XP?

scanner not working in Windows XP

How to resolve the confliction of the scanner is not working in Windows XP?

Get into the region of troubleshooting the scanner issue if scanner not working in Windows XP. Over here, get to know the prior information that why the error occurs of a scanner in Windows XP. Even also have the full specification of the reasons through which you will come to know why the scanner not working in Windows XP. Relevant steps we have given below to troubleshoot the problem. Furthermore, if you are not able to start your scanner then we will guide you on what to do or what to check and make changes.


scanner not working in Windows XP

Why did the Epson scanner stop working?

If this situation has been created therefore you have to Turn off your computer and scanner. Afterward,  check out the USB cable connection. Either it is properly fixed or not. Along with this, one more thing is over here that the scanner may not work properly. Here the reason should be due to when your computer is in standby mode (Windows) or sleep mode (Mac OS X). Thereafter, give a Restart Epson Scan and then try scanning again to get off the issue.

For more information,  you are advised to take the status slides of the scanner.  if it is showing green light then it is indicating that a scanner is ready to scan.  after this give a restart to the Epson Scan. The reason should be because of if you have upgraded your operating system.  in this case, you have not to install Epson Scan. So, should also the reason for your trouble.

Correspondingly, uninstall scanning software and reinstall it will be the best solution for this issue is not working in Windows XP. Also, for having this alternative to resolve the trouble you will have to download the patch file and have the ahead working.


Easily fix the matter of scanner not working in Windows XP:

  1. First of all, click here to download the patch file.
  2. After downloading this, you will have the Brother End-User Licence Agreement and therefore click on I Accept option.
  3. More than this, in the further step, click on the “File Download” will appear. Later on, Click SAVE.
  4. “Save as” will appear in the showing window. With having the “SAVE IN” drop-down, just click on the DESKTOP.
    Then, you have to tap on the SAVE option to save and use the patch file on your Desktop. Altogether this, surely this will begin to download the patch tool on your Desktop instantly.
  5. Once you have downloaded this “Download complete” will appear in the showing window. If in any case, it is asking to OPEN therefore click on the open button. But in any case, if you are not having this though go to the DESKTOP. Over there give a double click BrRegDev.EXE.
  6. Along with this, now the “ZIP Self Decompression” appears. Click on the option of  DECOMPRESS.
  7. Consequently, tap on the OK option.
  8. Subsequently, Go to your Desktop.
  9. Finally, you have to locate the icon named BrWIARegRepair.exe which is a patch tool.
  10. After all, have a Double click the BrWIARegRepair icon.
  11. Overall, when the “Setup is completed. Hence, in the last session of this, click OK.
  12. For having the consequences, restart Windows for these settings.
  13. At that time, the Code[x]” will appear. As a repercussion, Click on the OK option.
  14. At last, you have to Restart your computer for fixing the issue of Scanner not working in Windows XP.

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