How To Fix When Mouse Is Not Working In Windows 10 After Up-Gradation.

mouse not working

Mouse not working as I upgraded to Windows 10.I tried it in all ports but in vain. No mouse is working in any port. I tried to restore the system and reset it but nothing is working. How to solve this issue?

If there is an issue of mouse not working, it may be certain issues either with the mouse or with the hardware of the computer you are using. As you are saying that you have tried to use other mouses also but none is working, you should follow the steps given below:-

Method A:-Solving the issue of mouse not working by device settings:

Step 1:-Go to Device Manager and now Go to Properties of the keyboard (standard keyboard (PS / 2)

 2:-Update Driver – Browse my computer for driver software
Choose from a list of device drivers on my computer.
3:-UN check the “Show compatible hardware” and select just any driver, for example, HID Keyboard and then restart
Step 4:-Now do the same again all over again -but chose the correct driver (PS 2 standard keyboard). If it does not work to just uninstall and install the driver in the properties of the Keyboard (driver)

Method B:-Frozen PC:

It is possible that your computer has frozen. So you have to figure out the frozen condition of PC. Follow the steps to check it out:
1) Using the Num Lock key:-
You can ensure this by pressing the Num Lock key on the keyboard. If you press Num Lock  repeatedly, the Num Lock indicator LED on your keyboard will turn on and off. If the light of the indicator is not changing, your computer is frozen. In such a condition all hardware on the computer (including the mouse) will not work. You have to reboot the computer to resolve this issue.

2):-Keyboard doesn’t have Num Lock indicator light:-
If your keyboard does not have the LED, press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time. This action should bring up a blue Windows options screen (you may leave this menu by pressing the Esc key). If the blue screen is not visible within a few seconds, your computer is frozen. Now you should reboot your computer to resolve this issue.

3):-Mouse conflict

If you have installed any new hardware, remove it to verify. Some times the new hardware is also a cause for conflict with your existing mouse.

4):-Not connected properly

It might be possible that mouse is not connected properly. Below is the description for different kind of mice. However, there are maximum chances that you don’t have connected it properly.

A) USB mouse
If you are using a USB mouse, disconnect the mouse cable and then reconnect to a different USB port. If the mouse is connected to a USB hub, unplug the mouse cable and then connect it to a USB port on the back of the computer.

B) PS/2 mouse
If you are using a mouse with a PS/2 connection, check the back of the computer to verify that it is plugged into the PS/2 mouse port and not the PS/2 keyboard. If the mouse has worked properly in the past (ie this is not a new mouse), turn off the computer, then disconnect and reconnect the mouse.

Below are the pictures of computer green and purple PS/2 ports.

mouse is not working

Note: Don’t disconnect a PS/2 mouse and reconnect when computer is on. 

C) Wireless mouse

  • Make sure the mouse is receiving power by checking indication of power (usually a light). Power switch is often located on the bottom.
  • If the mouse does not appear to be on; you have to replace the batteries.
  • Make sure the wireless receiver is within the range and any object must not block it.
  • Disconnect the wireless USB adapter and try plugging it into a different port.


5):-Hardware issues due to that mouse not working:

Bad Port
If the previous solutions did not sort out the problem, you can try another mouse. Now if that mouse works, try the mouse that is not working with another computer. If multiple mice do not work, the problem is with the mouse port as with regular use ports become loose and cannot connect the mouse. For PS/2 or USB port You need to replace motherboard on the back of the computer.

Faulty Mouse

The mouse may be bad or faulty if it is not working on more than one computer. You should replace it. And for a wired-mouse, check its wire also as it may be partially cut.

6): Corrupt operating system files

If all of the 6 solutions do not resolve the issue, there is a possibility of corrupt system files in the operating system. You may need to run an operating system repair using the system installation disc.
Another option is to activate a restore point in the operating system prior to when the mouse stopped working. This restore point can restore the corrupt system files to a working state and resolve the issue. So you have to create a restore point.

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