Fix Volume Icon on Windows 10

How To Fix Volume Icon on Windows 10?

How I can find & fix the volume icon in windows 10?

With the preferred helping guide, you can easily grab the solutions. Yes, it happens sometimes when you have volume icon not displaying issue then Fix Volume Icon on Windows 10. Basically, with the ultimate results, you will latch the best alternate to troubleshoot the volume icon missing. As a GUI is a type of human-computer interface so it helps a lot to make an interface between the user and the system. Moreover, it uses more icons like pull-down menus and also a pointer. On the whole, these are basically manipulated by a mouse. Get to know about the trouble if the volume icon is missing and you are not able to troubleshoot the volume icon.


Fix Volume Icon on Windows 10


Along with this, sometimes it occurs that you will not have your volume icon on the taskbar of your Windows 10. For this, you have to do just only a few steps implementation to avoid this issue of volume icon disappeared. Only the settings in the computer’s sound windows will help you to get rid of this confliction. Over there, you have to set the volume levels, configuration settings and furthermore the input and output channels instantly.


What should be the reason for volume icon missing in windows 10?

Actually, do you want to know that from where this issue comes up? Over here get the relevant part of this information. Further information is all about this that such as behavior occurs because the system tray is not being loaded at startup. So, about this system tray’s role in the issue of volume icon is missing.


What are the role of the taskbar and the system tray is missing volume icon on windows 10?

The system tray is a very important section of the taskbars. The taskbar is the main bar which always shows you the running tasks in the Microsoft Windows. Furthermore, the desktop user interface is being used to show you the clock and moreover the icons of certain programs in your windows screen.  Due to this,  a user got able to continually reminded over the running tasks and it will show the icons of those programs on the taskbar. More about this, though it is a very mandatory section which is located at the one end of your screen’s taskbar.

Similarly, the system tray holds many options for working on the computer. These are mainly such as the volume control for sound, which is today’s topic of discussion. Rather than this, anti-virus software, scanner software is also over here.  Apart from this, if you want to interact with a program in the system tray then select an icon.  Afterward, when you are done with your task or you want to minimize then automatically they got shrink back into the system tray.


How to restore the icons on my taskbar?

For this, you have to just do the implementation in the following guide as given.

  • First of all, you have to Select ‘Taskbar‘ from the left side menu.
  • Then after this, do one thing as with Scrolling down and click on the ‘Select which icons appear on the taskbar’.
  • Thereafter, go with switching on next to the icons which you want to remove.
  • Correspondingly, Go back and click on ‘Turn system icons on or off’.


How should I fix the missing volume icon? 

Go through the given process and therefore you can easily Fix Volume Icon on Windows 10.


Method 1: With Changing the notification area settings manually:

Step 1:  Having the system sound icon Turn on:-

  1. First of all, Go to start menu.
  2. After this, click on the control panel.
  3. Later on, in the search box over there Type ‘Volume icon’.
  4. Along with this,  click on “Show or hide volume (speaker) icon on the taskbar”. It will show under the Notification Area Icons title.
  5. Due to this, you can  “turn system icons on and off” page. Hence, click on the ok button.
Fix Volume Icon on Windows 10

Step 2: Through doing settings in sound icon display behavior:

  1. Firstly, click on the start  button & jump to the control panel
  2. After this, Type ‘Notification’  in the bottom showing search box.
  3. When you will do it then click on Notification Area Icons title.
  4. Here you will have the option of “select which icons and notifications appear on the taskbar” page. Now, over there you have to Locate the sound icon. At this stage, you have to make sure its behavior is set to ‘Show icons and notifications’.
  5. Finally, Click the OK button to proceed further.

If either one of the two or both options above are grayed out (you cannot change them) then it means something did not load properly. Follow the methods below to get it back on track.

Method 2: Fix Volume Icon on Windows 10 with Restart the explorer and the system tray:

If you are having trouble to load explorer, then at that time the taskbar, and additionally more specifically the system tray, will also have the same error. Definitely, through this method, you will force windows explorer to reload. Furthermore, probably when this will be done then instantly load the system tray and taskbar correctly this time.

  1. Press simultaneously the Windows Key and Press R.
  2. Instantly, Type taskmgr.exe.
  3. Click the OK button.
  4. Now undoubtedly click on “explorer.exe“
  5. Then click on the “End Process” or “End Task”.
  6. Thereafter, Click on the “File” option > then “New Task (Run)“.
  7. In the Open box, furthermore, you have to type “systray.exe“
  8. Thereupon, Click OK.
  9. Again, you have to click on “File”.
  10. Proceed with clicking on “New Task (Run)“
  11. In the Open box, at this time just  type “explorer.exe“
  12. Consequently, Click OK again.

Method 3: Fix Volume Icon on Windows 10 with Reinstalling sound drivers:                                                                

For fixing the issue of volume icon on windows is possible through having a successive use of this alternative. Just follow the given steps and therefore apply them in your procedure.

  1. Press the Windows/Start Key + R. When you will press them together then the run prompt will be open.
  2. Type hdwwiz.cpl over there.
  3. Randomly hit the Enter button.
  4. Go ahead with having an unidentified device Under Sound, video and game controllers.
  5. Therefore, have a Right click it and select Update Driver software.
  6. Within this, now search automatically for the drivers. install the drivers.
  7. As a result, now give a Restart to your PC  to fix the issue of sound icon not working.

Method 4: Lastly, Restart your computer to Fix Volume Icon:

Altogether if you are having this last alternate then obviously you can make it possible to Fix Volume Icon.

  1. Click/Press the start button to make the solution.
  2. Exactly, with clicking on the shutdown options, you have to select restart.
  3. Choose the option of  Restart with holding the SHIFT key.
Fix Volume Icon on Windows 10



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