Unable To Send Anything From Windows Live Mail

How can I fix the issue if I am unable to send anything from Windows live mail?

As with having the issue of windows live mail though fix it easily with the given conclusion. Though, without any trouble getting to know this solution as with having the Windows Live Mail support. Over here you can hit the useful instructions and implement them into your way to fix if you are Unable to send anything from Windows live mail. So, overall this is an email client by Microsoft. Along with this, windows live mail is a part of the Windows Essentials suite. Furthermore, with ease, it can be downloaded from the official website free of cost.


Unable to send anything from Windows live mail


Conclusively, you can easily adapt the cooperative procure to get the proper help. Along with this, just go with having settings by using IMAP-named servers. This can help you to keep your WLM working. With adding some settings over there in the windows live mail you can have the relevant solution to fix the issue of windows live mail.


Do set up of  IMAP for Windows Live Mail help:


Go through this helping process to set up an IMAP for your Windows Live Mail:

1. Firstly, go to the Start with pressing “Ctrl + Shift + T” option of “Add your email accounts” wizard.

2. Therefore,  now you have to Input your display name, email address, and also the password.

3. Afterward, go with Checking out the “Manually configure server settings”.

Later on, then click on the “Next”  option which will you have at the bottom of the page dialog box.

4. After this, go with having the option to choose “IMAP”. Basically, this is to configure the incoming server as from the drop-down menu.

5. Thereafter, you have to Use “outlook.office365.com”. This is for having the incoming server address. Subsequently, go with adding  “993” as the port number.

6. Choose from the showing option list as “Requires a secure connection (SSL).”

7. Then, entirely Choose the option of “Clear text”. You will have this option when you will drop-down the menu to configure the “Authenticate using option.”

8. Enter the information about you like your email address with “Login username.

9. Thereupon, exactly you can Use “smtp.live.com” for the outgoing email address.

instantly you have to enter “587” as the port number in the showing option screen.

10. Entirely, you can easily Choose both “Requires a secure connection (SSL)” and “Requires authentication options.”

11. Promptly, you have to now Click on the “Next” option.

At last, go with clicking on then “Finish.”


IMAP settings:

Now with going through this IMAP settings you also have to change some settings in the pop3 on the windows live mail. Over here you can now easily have it with the prescribed method and tricks to overcome if you are Unable to send anything from Windows live mail.


How should change the POP3 settings on Windows Live Mail:

We are addressing here the fixed solution if you are not able to send any kind of mail through the windows live mail. Also in this context, you will get the way to resolve the errors which you could get like  0x80072EFD, 0x80072EE7, 0x800488E7, 3219, 0x8DE00005, etc. For solving out the issue, you have to change a POP3 setting. Additionally, you can easily try to turn on POP3. But for this,  simply login to Outlook.  


1. In the beginning, go with Clicking on the cogwheel.

2. Select the Options POP and IMAP in the menu option.

3. In the next step, you will have the option of “Let devices and apps use POP but don’t allow them to delete messages”.

4. You have to click on the Yes option to proceed further.

5. Immediately go with Save changes.

Conclusively, click on the back arrow.

Once you’ve done with the step enabling the POP3, then create a new account. This will be for your old email address. In  short, you have to implement the steps with the following  guide:

1. Go to “Add Account” option.

2. Over there, instantly tick the box of  “Manually configure server settings”

Unable to send anything from Windows live mail

3.  Choose the “POP” using the server with the given address as  “address pop-mail.outlook.com.

4. After doing this, now choose the  “Port: 995” with a secure connection in the windows live mail. Correspondingly, you will have this sets up “Incoming server information.”

5. To do the set up “Outgoing server information,” you have to use the server address as “smtp-mail.outlook.com.” In addition to this, have the option of “Port: 25.” If Port: 25 is blocked, then you can use Port: 587.


Unable to send mail:

Hopefully, you will get the finite help from this helping guide we have recommended you. Although, you can implement these in your procedure to have the ultimate results. Henceforth, comment us for further assistance.



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