How To Contact Dropbox Support ?

contact dropbox support

How to Contact Dropbox support ?

Dropbox is a cloud data hosting services  where they save all your files on their own  secure server where you can upload your data and share it with multiple users all over the world with multiple devices you can sync the data with multiple devices and multiple users you can also add restrictions to who uses and devices Dropbox provide free account it of 2 GB of storage you can access the files from anywhere Dropbox support Windows Mac IOS Android and web  

Dropbox has backup file options if you accidentally deleted files Dropbox save files for 30 days so you can still recover your files  Dropbox sharing collectible files  you can  create a folder and then share it

So How do we Contact Dropbox Support ?

You can contact dropbox support by phone or contact dropbox support by chat. Dropbox email support is also available.

 Chat and Email currently Dropbox support only chat and email support

 to get  phone support  for dropbox you need to have a business account and only team admin can  view a phone number to contact Dropbox you must visit this URL to directly contact Dropbox

Dropbox is currently supported in English language only however depending upon your location French German Italian Japanese Portuguese and Spanish may be available in your region

Dropbox support response time and availability hours

 Dropbox Email support generally response within one business hour 

Dropbox chat support is listed under this link  ok they are only available during the local business hours

Other Way To Contact for Dropbox Support From Social Media

Community Forums  where you can ask questions from the community users and people may help you

 Dropbox Twitter support here you can directly to it and ask them directly

To check whether Dropbox services are down you may use link


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