Can’t update Windows Defender on Windows 10 – error 0x80240438

Can’t update Windows Defender on Windows 10 – Error 0x80240438 ?

Why you are not able to update Windows Defender on Windows 10 – error 0x80240438


Welcome to the page. As we are going to introduce now with the help of great solution as to getting rid off through the window error 0x80240438. So, let’s check the latest and provided updated and resolving the required and occurring issues related to the windows 10. Since each operating system has diverse characteristics and content. Get the solution for resolving Can’t update Windows Defender on Windows 10 – error 0x80240438.

Therefore, the windows store error can occur sometimes. Nevertheless, the problem can be resolved by doing the recommended methods as well as disabling the Proxy connection, clearing Windows Store cache. Moreover, another is also here as by turning off Windows Firewall & restarting Windows Update components and similar. Do with the step by step guide and ultimately grab the fabulous results.

Can't update Windows Defender on Windows 10 - error 0x80240438

Here find the explication of the Windows Update: Error 0x80240438 and resolve it within a few moments as well. Though, be here and get ready to conclude the exact and seamless keys to latch the relevant key solution of “Can’t install apps on store error 0x80240438”.


1. Suitable steps to have a proper and clear solution of Error 0x80240438 :


window defender settings

1. Click on the windows button and then type over there “windows defender settings” & press Enter.

Automatically a new window will appear.


windows security

2. Thereafter, click on the Firewall and network protection in the Windows security tab.

set window defender firewall

3. When you will click on the Firewall and network protection, there will be another dialogue box appeared. Only you have to disable the windows defender firewall.



Consequently, refresh your pc or laptop as to check the Store Windows 10. Error code 0x80240438. Further, we have another one more method to resolve this same problem if you weren’t able to get the solution from the first one.



Method 2: Disable The Proxy connection in your pc if you Can’t update Windows Defender on Windows 10 – error 0x80240438:

  • First of all, Click to Open Internet Explorer.
  • After this, immediately Click on the Gear Icon.
  • Choose Internet Options as per instructions.
  • Later on, click to open Connections Tab.
  • Got to LAN settings.
  • Furthermore, check the box near Use a proxy server for your LAN.
  • Moreover, just click to Open Advanced tab.
  • Simultaneously, to remove everything as in Do not use a proxy server for addresses beginning with the field.
  • Finally, Click the OK button.
  • Now right-click on Windows key.
command prompt admin
  • Select Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Copy and paste given commands with pressing the Enter button as after the single addition of commands into the tab.


Due to this method also you can fix the windows 10 error easily. Eventually, go through this and perceive the abundant benefits with the given quick fix.


2. Error code 0x80240438 is occurring during downloading .net framework 3.5:

Surely, we are considering you with the best-augmented responses as for your relevant searches according to your problems. If you are tired with the problem having in the installation of .net framework 3.5 then be here as you would receive the prominent answers.

Can't update Windows Defender on Windows 10


Suitable steps to fix the error code 0x80240438 when you are downloading to .net framework 3.5 on your Windows 10:

my computer properties for resolving Windows Defender
  1. First of all,  go to This pc and right click through the mouse and thereafter select properties.
  2. Make sure and verify that your windows 10 enterprise is installed. Exit the screen.
  3. In the next step, go to the control panel and open it. Click over the programs option.
Can't update Windows Defender
4. When it will be open then you have to click over the turn windows features on and off option.
turn on or off windows features

5. As when you will click to turn on windows features on or off then automatically a dialogue box will appear and you have to turn all the feature of .net as shown below. Instantly, after the changes click to the OK button.

window communication foundation

6. The system will automatically search for the required files from the local server. Therefore, if it will found the file then it will start downloading the .net framework.

7. Otherwise, it will ask you to download online. Just choose the option for download files from windows update.

download file from windows update

8. Once your download will complete, it automatically starts applying changes.

applying changes to resolve update Windows Defender

At this stage, if you are having a successful message that it is definitely ok. But if you are getting unsuccessful then, leave the page and jump into the second method to fix the error code.


  • Click on windows update troubleshooter as after downloading it on your window.
troubleshoot & help to fix Windows Defender on Windows 10
  • It will start to detect problems regarding the errors.
  • After this, if again you are getting some required information on the screen like try troubleshooting as an administrator. Instantly, click over the recommended option.
Can't update Windows Defender on Windows 10


  • Later on, click to apply to fix the error.
 Windows Defender on Windows 10
  • Thereupon, it will start detecting additional problems.
Fix error 0x80240438
  • Troubleshooting process will be completed in a few minutes and therefore you will get the message on your windows screen.
checking for pending updates
  • After following step 2 as for fixing the error, just apply to the first step as suggested top download .net framework 3.5. Surely you would be able to download this easily.

3. How to fix if you Can’t update Windows Defender on Windows 10 – error 0x80240438:

Here absolutely is the rewarding answer of this question as to how you can fix the error as on your Windows 10 Store. Just follow the required steps and apply them with immediate precedence.




Internet protocol version


This can be only done as when you will disable the setting IPV6 in your network adapter settings for getting rid off this store issue.  Definitely, on the whole, you would be compatible to download all the wanted apps on your store as well.

Method: 1

Take the help of Windows Store apps Troubleshooter as to resolve your required error problem of the store.

Therefore, attentively grab the utmost beneficial steps and although follow them.

Refer these steps to have the proper use of fixing error:

  • Press the Windows key as on your pc with pressing simultaneously X.
  • Click on the Control panel as well.
  • Further, proceed with changing the view option as clicking over the top right corner to large icons.
  • Along with this, just click over the troubleshooting option.
  • Later on, doing this, click on the View All option as it will be shown on the left panel of your windows screen.
  • Finally, run the Windows Store apps Troubleshooter to get rid of the problem.

Method: 2

Also, you can try this process as to remove the store code error o your windows 10. Thereafter, chase the superlative steps to follow with safety. These are you have to catch and apply as with reset your store cache.

  1. Simultaneously, press two keys as of windows key and R.
  2. After this, you have to type WSReset.exe.
  3. Then Press Enter.
  4. As a result, restart your pc and check the issues that either they have been resolved or not. Surely, you will get out of all error trouble and would be able to download your desired app from your store.


Can’t update Windows Defender on Windows 10 – error 0x80240438:

Along with this, check the issues either it has resolved or not. On the whole, these are the basic and helpful steps as top have the solution of the given errors of “Can’t install apps on store error 0x80240438”.


Considerably, do not get hopeless you can have the ultimate and better results as through multiple searches also. But the thing is if you have typed the proper matter of your problem. Altogether this, nothing is to worry about to fix the error of 0x80240438.


All the methods can give you the alternative to get access through the problem of Error 0x80240438. So, you can check over here the better accessions and clear cuts for retrieving the accurate solutions as for the better convenience. Detect the problems and therefore add them into your comment sections as we can help you out with our seamless efforts to satisfy you with top rated clarification.


Be with us and get the reliable and troubleshooting keys to adapt within a fraction of seconds from over here.




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