Fix shift key on Windows 10

Fix Shift Key On Windows 10

How do I Fix my shift key issue on Windows 10?

Shift key plays a most important role in the usage of typing work or more than this. Basically, the Shift key is also used to have short cuts through the keyboard. So, overall how you can Fix shift key on Windows 10. This is very easy to have a solution. Many people or writers and they must be office workers, who make more use of shift key in their work time. On the whole, if your Shift key is not working then there is no need to panic.

Yes, apart from having the capitalization, the shift key has much more functions.

Fix shift key on Windows 10

Many shortcut keys usage based on the Shift key. Such as:

  • Ctrl + Shift + V is used to paste without any formatting.
  • Ctrl + Shift + N is used for creating a New folder in the portion of File Explorer.
  • Shift + Delete as for permanently delete the selected files.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc used to open the task manager in your pc.

So, overall you can latch the given quality or uses of Shift key in your daily life. Only you have to follow some corroborate steps to get abstain from non-working Shift key.

Unable to use Shift Key on my keyboard & Fix shift key on Windows 10:

Have the enormous ways to fix the Shift key on windows 10 easily. Here are the accredited steps to fixing the issue of the Shift key. Just follow them and as a result, get ultimate consequences.


  1. Firstly, fix it through Run the safe mode on your pc:

Firstly, you must take it as a better option to troubleshoot the issue of the nonworking Shift key. All over, switch off your pc. Further, give it a restart option and thereafter run it on the safe mode to detect the issues. Furthermore, if the hardware is working properly then there will be a problem in the case of software of pc.

  • Bring your mouse to the Start button.
  • Press settings.
Fix shift key on Windows 10
  • Then, choose updates and security option.
Fix shift key on Windows 10


  • Above all, tap on the recovery option to troubleshoot the issue.
Fix shift key on Windows 10
  • Lastly, click to the restart option.

You must check out your keyboard drivers:

You must check out that either your keyboard drivers are working or not. Along with this, just follow the steps to check out the working of keyboard drivers to Fix shift key on Windows 10.

  • Give a right click your PC and then select properties.
  • Including this, open device manager.
  • Afterward, find in the list of drivers the option of keyboard driver.
  • Quickly do a right click on the properties and hence check on them.


Along with this, could fix it by disabling the sticky key features:

As through disabling sticky keys you can also fix the shift key in use. But for this, read below-shown steps.

  • Tap together Window key + I.
  • Over there select ease of access. Tap on keyboard option.
  • When you will click on the keyboard in the right side, check below the sticky keys that the option of using one key at a time for keyboard shortcuts is off.
Fix shift key on Windows 10


Get the usage of Latest drivers for the proper working of your Shift Keys:

Preferably, some kind of windows does not support the use of certain drivers. Although, if you are having the trouble of fix shift key on windows 10 then, just come up with the use of installing new drivers.

  • Keep on downloading the latest drivers through internet o your pc.
  • After the downloading, click on the start driver update.
  • Besides this, click on the start scan button to proceed with having the solution.
  • Thereupon, press Continue to download.


Apart from this, it could be done by checking your hardware:

Moreover, there is a need to check your keyboard hardware. Because it can be through the USB port problem.

  • Check the USB connector of your keyboard.
  • Attach another USB cable with the port if it will work or not.
  • Clean the keyboard and make it dust free.


These could be the reasons and simultaneously you can check over the issues with fix shift key on windows 10.






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