Windows 10 Update Version 1903

Windows 10 update version 1903

How to Deal With Windows 10 Update Version 1903?

Firstly, the thing that Microsoft launches many versions as after some time in the year for user’s satisfaction as they can easily use and happily have the latest features of the updated versions. Such like windows 7, windows8, windows 8.1, Windows 10, etc are over here in the list. Get the Windows 10 update version 1903 with ease. As windows 10 is the last version of Microsoft whatever it has launched. But the main thing is you should have some knowledge about which version of the operating system is the best for your computer and further for your security as well.


Windows 10 update version 1903

So, along with this, here is the explanation about if you are using windows 10 then what is the reason to delay the update of Windows 10 version 1903 on your system. Apart from this, how you can easily have the suitable guidance to block the required Windows 10 update version 1903.



  • Why you should delay windows 10 update version?

  • How to block the update installation of Windows 10 latest version?

Always it depends upon the users as to how they want to access their operating system with the best features and benefits. Either if you are using a genuine and reliable operating system, from many years, but now you are thinking to get some new updated versions of that window. Though, what to do? Have you proceed you’re this decision to go further or you want to know the update version compatibility and obviously the main stability.


The important part is that users have the choice to delay the option of update windows. The delay could be for a few weeks or months. As a piece of quick reminding information, only the users of windows 10 pro and along with this, Enterprise or Education users can easily block the new updates of Windows version for months on the end.

Though, it can be done only through the settings in windows update panel. But, another thing is that unfortunately this can not be done as for windows 10 home users. Because they will not have any update deferral option to proceed.


Why should you defer Windows 10 update new version?

Now, here is the reason that why you should delay to get the update of Windows 10 version 1903. This is the reliable and worthy information as for our enterprise users and also for the education users as well for having the decision to defer the update. For kind concern, the version of Windows 10 is going to launch in the next month which is 19H1.

As the consumers and running organizations are definitely liable to have the possibility to download this new version. Therefore, before doing something at least you should have some basic knowledge of that.

With last year update version, it got delay decision on April 2018 for over 20 days. Finally, that was launched in May. The reason for the delay was due to some finalization problems as in the version. Ahead after few months in the October month, the update prepared for that month. Additionally, that was also due to some technical issues in the version. Although, this is a very big responsibility to throw the better thing as for every user of Windows in the market.

The update came with the technical issues, stopped immediately because due to that manual update personal users files started deleted automatically.

Eventually, Microsoft did every possible effort to stop the updates as fast as they can. For enumeration, the issues were of ZIP extraction fault.  On the whole, the decision of delaying the new updates will be the best and perfect decision to proceed.

Most importantly, when the first update comes then it is always buggy. Conclusively, you should defer the windows 10 update version 1903 with the prior decision as soon as possible.



How to defer the windows 10 update version 1903?

Follow the below steps to block the windows 10 version 1903. Only then you can make the settings to block the update version 1903.


  1. Firstly, click on the left corner of your window and select settings.
Windows 10 update version 1903

2. Select the option as Update and security.


Windows 10 update version 1903

3. The next page will appear with the windows to update all information. Over there, go to the advanced options.

Windows 10 update version 1903

4. Furthermore, go to the option to choose when updates are installed and select the Semiannual channel.

Windows 10 update version 1903

5. Just immediately below to the semi-annual channel option, fill the days as for how many time you want to defer the update of the windows version of 1903. Then exit window.


Windows 10 update version 1903






2nd- method to have the settings of blocking windows 10 update version 1903 as well:

With this, the second method you can easily change the settings and can have the delay option for having the updated version of Windows 10. Only due to the proper step by step implementation the procedure will work. Though, be careful about each and every single entry or setting.







  1. Go to the left bottom corner of the window and enter over there Edit group policy.
Windows 10 update version 1903



2. After tapping on an edit group policy, the window will open. Instantly, click on Administrative Templates.

3. Afterward, tap on windows component.

4. Including this step, on the left side of the appeared window, select window update.

5. Subsequently, select windows update for business. Automatically, the window of windows update for business will open.

6. Tap on the select when preview build and feature update are received as shown below.





Windows 10 update version

7. Choose the Enabled option in the next showing dialogue box. In the bottom of that, select the Semi-Annual Channel option.

Windows 10 update version 1903


8. Fill in the blank portion, add the required days for deferring of receiving the released updates. Another step is to add the date, time and month as you want to pause the preview builds or feature updates starting. Click to the apply button to have the changes you made and then press OK.


Windows 10 update

Lastly, do one more thing that goes to the windows setting and over there selects the network and internet option.


windows setting


Check your ethernet connection which is joined to your pc. Thereupon, click to the connected network. Finally, set metered connection ON.

build private connection


So, overall, this is the fluent and working process to set the delay to get the updated version of Windows 10. Deliberately, use this process and therefore have the proper way to defer the windows update version 1903 on your pc as well.

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