How To Fix The Office of 2013 If It’s Not Working After Update?

“How to fix if the office is not working after windows 10 update”

If you are facing the situation to get the Microsoft office 2013 open with an error, so be here for the solution. Though over here definitely we will provide you the absolute and accessible information. So, if there is something which is making trouble to you is not that much massive. Had you downloaded some kind of update as from Windows 7 to Windows 10? That should be to make some more upgraded and facilitation version. If yes, then nothing can that much trouble you as you can make it done. But only within least time as well. Finally, fix the issue of office 2013 not working after update of Windows 10.


Just get rid of these troubles as from this troubleshooting process. Deliberately have this content and measure your requisitions along with the contractual steps. Furthermore, you have to hold them on and make the results by yourself.


Office not working after update of Windows 10

As mostly you will have some updating of your system though, it can give some oddity in working time. Most of the users get an error like this. This happens when people change or jump to the new version of the operating system. Just at that time they usually have some significant issues with accessing office suite.

What should be the solution to Fix issue of office 2013 not working after update of Windows 10? 

Over here you can have two steps to get rid of this issue of having a problem in accessing office 2013 on my pc. Therefore, latch the congruent idea and adapt it to make it more relevant and optimal.

  • You must uninstall the office 2013 before upgrading.
  • Afterward, get a new installation of office 2019 on Windows 10 in spite of upgrading.

But before uninstalling it,  you must have proper knowledge about the pros. Of Microsoft office as well. Your one mistake can mutilate your Operating system. So, be careful about every step and with attentiveness in every click.


1. Uninstall the office 2013 from your pc as before getting an upgrade:

To uninstall your office from your pc then you have to follow these two steps as to make it uninstall.

  • Click to the start button on your Windows 10, 7, 8, etc.
  • Select then the control panel.
  • Further, in the next step, proceed with programs> programs &  features.
  • Thereafter,  do the right click on the Microsoft office and select uninstall.

2. Reinstall the office 2013 on pc to fix the issue of 2013 not working:

With this form of the leading method to fix the issue of office 2013 not working on Windows  10 can be in a while. But for this, you have to install it again if you have uninstalled it.

Office not working after update of Windows 10
  • When you have complete all the queries then click on the option for all done.
  • Though, if you want to use microsoft office then you have to open some app on related to office 2013. such as word, excel or something to check out the issue has resolved or not. Along with this, most of the time it asks for microsoft license agreement. Now you have to accept it and run it easily.


With assurance, we are telling you that through this proficient way you can adapt your solution. Therefore, you can  easily fix the issue of office 2013 not working after update of Windows 10.




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