Computer Infection Symptoms Checklist 2017

Computer Infection Symptoms Checklist 2017 :


1. Hangs or is not responding
You are surfing the Internet or working on a program and suddenly you get a error of not responding or your computer freezing while working.

2. Slow Computer startup
Your computer takes more then 3 minutes to boot-up and you see too many programs are still loading and loading.

3. Unable to change your Home Page
Every time you change your home page and restart your computer or browser you see the same old homepage.

4. Too Many Ads and pop-up while surfing Internet
If you see too much ads and pop-up windows or on your homepage saying your computer is infected or drivers missing. Web page not loading or has stop loading.

5. Error Warning message
You get error like “You have 2000 infected files fix now” “Please call our Toll Free number  1800-xxx-xxxx and fix your computer problem”
“Your drivers are not up to date fix now”

6. Unable to Print
You try to print and nothing get display, your printer wont print what you want.

7. Unable to Open Files
Your boss send you email and when you try to open it wont open, You wont able to open a PDF or a Word document or some other file.

8. Your Anti virus doesn’t show any infection 
Many time you will see that your anti virus is working correctly, you run a full system scan also and it did not find nothing but you still have problems.

9. Your search result didn’t show you the correct information while surfing.
You are looking for information on your browser and when you type in your search engine like Google, Yahoo or Msn but the search result are not relevant. You see some thing else and you get keep redirected from one website to another.

10. Hardware Stop working
one morning you wake up and see that your web cam or sound or printer or scanner or your programs has stop working.


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